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School Visits:

Interested in having Corinna visit your school or library?

Corinna typically speaks to kids in grades K-5 for 45-60 minutes at at a time (though many of her picture books are for all ages, and she also enjoys speaking to college students, teachers, librarians, and other picture book makers).  She can tailor her presentation to fit your age range and time requirements.  For slightly more time, she can also include an art activity for smaller groups (1-3 classrooms).  

Rates range from $1500-$1800 for a full day and $900 for a half day, plus travel/lodging.  Discounts are available for schools that are within a 30 (or so) minute drive, as well as multiple schools in an area that work together to bring her to their region.

There are also free downloadable art activity sheets to accompany each of her books available on her website.
  • For an excellent overview of why authors charge for school visits, see this post on author Caroline Starr Rose’s blog.


Ready to schedule a visit? For schools within an hour or so drive of Olympia, contact Corinna at corinna(at)corinnaluyken.(com) for more information.  

For all other inquiries, please contact Andrea Cruise, Penguin Author Appearance Coordinator, Penguin Young Readers Group: (e) (t) (f)